14fold Strategy

14fold Strategy

Please note that our 14Fold strategy guide doesn’t guarantee that you will win and anyone that does guarantee that you will win is definitely not worth following, listening to or reading. There is absolutely NO way that anyone can guarantee winnings in the long-term, bookmakers wouldn’t be around if you could consistently beat the system and as soon as you show behaviour that is unrecreational, bookies will immediately limit your account.

For many people the idea of placing a multiple or accumulator bet is to take a low risk with the potential of a very high reward. The majority of punters placing 14folds will do so with a small stake and will realise that the likelihood of winning the bet is extremely low and that they won’t be winning their bet every day. An large element of patience is required here to not get greedy or to chase losses and if you get into the mindset that you are betting on ‘something to watch’ and if you keep your stakes nice and small it really adds an added level of excitement to following sporting action.

What we aim to do is to help you make the most informed decision that you can to try to get the most out of your betting and improve your chances of hitting a winning 14fold. What we want you to do is to have a better strike rate after reading our guide than you did before. If that happens, we will be happy for you and obviously you’ll be happy with the results.

The best strategy that you can ever use regardless of the Sport, League, Match, Team or Player that you are betting on is to choose a ‘selection’ where the market margin/overround (or juice as they call it in America) is very low. Just to give you an example, if you were betting on a correct score in a football match, the margin built-in for the bookmaker is usually around 40% profit however if you were betting on a Premier League team to win a match, the average margin in the bookmakers favour would be about 5%. Therefore you are getting significantly more value betting on a team to win a match rather than a correct score market.

So, where to now! Have a read through our 14fold strategy guide by sport and best of luck with your betting!