Why Try Multiples?

Why Try Multiples?

Multiples or accumulator bets (accas for short) are when you bet you have more than one betting selection on your betslip and you need all selections to win for you to win your bet. Multiples are extremely popular for a number of reasons and here are some of the more popular ones..


1) You can potentially win more

Yes, we understand that they can be more difficult to win however if you do win, you can potentially win more (Unless you backed Leicester to win the Premier League in 2016/17). Every selection that you add to your betslip can bump up the odds a little (or a lot) depending on the odds of the bet that you added to your betslip.


2) They are more fun to place

The idea of getting 14 out of 14 or everything right on your bet is a challenge but one that people all over the world love doing. Also being able to be across different leagues makes your bet much more fun and enjoyable to place.


3) You get a real buzz following their progress

Yes, a few mini heart attacks too, but you do get an amazing buzz when following bets at the same time (or different kick off times across leagues). You’ll find yourself  checking the scores and checking them again – and verifying them with another check – and jumping up and down and perhaps with your head in your hands. It’s the usual story of a multiple backer and it is an emotional ride.


4) Most Sportsbooks let you cash them out if you want to

A lot of people think that you can’t cash-out a multiple/acca but most Sportsbooks will actually let you cash t them out. Here is our list of Sportsbooks that let you cash out (please do check the terms and conditions of the site that you play out as not all bets are allowed to be cashed out).


5) Most Sportsbooks have acca/multiples bonuses

Yes, they recognise that you’ve taken a bigger risk than a person who only bets on singles and most Sportsbooks will give you a cash bonus on your winnings if your multiple wins and sometimes up to 100%. Other bookies have acca insurance meaning that if 1 team lets you down in your bet you get your stake (money) back in the form of a Free Bet (check the bookies Terms and Conditions for their promotional offers).


6) You’re more likely to bet on favourites

So Barcelona are at home to Alaves on a Sunday evening in the last leg of your acca. Crickey, you’d rather be on Barcelona wouldn’t you! When you bet on multiples you are more likely to be on favourites – and favourites are favourites for a reason – they are statistically more likely to happen.